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Latest CPBA News

CPBA Takes over Beverage Zone at CONNECT

The connect show is fast approaching and CPBA has taken over the Beverage Zone! Nov 3 & 4 at Convention Center Both Days CPBA Meet & Greet Info Table 10am-5pm Learn the importance of why Bartenders and hospitality staff should get inolved in the local bar community. The BC Chapter Executive Team will be onsite […]

Behind the Bar with Cooper Tardivel

1. What’s your ‘how I got into bartending’ story? Growing up in Halifax, NS – Bartending in some form or another is basically a right of passage for Maritime sons.  I turned 19 – I got a job in a bar, plain and simple. 2. Describe your personal bartending style. I always try to be […]

Behind the bar with Carlos Soto

1. What’s your ‘how I got into bartending’ story? I was an international student in the UK and needed extra cash to pay for my living expenses, so  I started working in special events in hotels, bars and restaurants through the Students Union of Cardiff University, one day one of my classmates encouraged me to […]